Quick and Easy Curb Appeal Hacks for Your Property

Selling a house is a challenge that can seem stressful right from the start … dealing with banks, brokers, agents, finances, family, and more … but nothing compares to your open house day. This might end up being the longest day of your life. You can choose not to participate. But when you do, be prepared for a day of smiling and nodding and watching as strangers walk through the house you’ve spent time living in. At Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX, our team of experienced cleaning professionals understands how important it can be to make sure your home is in the best possible condition when presenting it to prospective buyers or guests. 

The purpose of an Open House event is to give potential home buyers a chance to see what life would be like in the home. Any reasonable person knows that they can easily paint a living room in a different color or change the arrangement of curtains and furniture, but TRUE red flags are things like rust, moldy, dirty and cracked features, dirty or ineffective windows, a gutter hanging on the side of the house, or other signs of uncleanliness. For a complete and impressive home presentation that truly excites potential home buyers, step back and seriously consider what can be done quickly, cheaply and easily to give the house a chance.

It All Starts with Clean Windows

Windows can be an eye into the soul of your home. An open house should leave a big impression on potential home buyers. You cannot enjoy the view of your home through the windows covered in dirt or dust for starters. Even though clean windows will look good now and then, it is also important to consider the long-term effects that can occur on the value of your home if your windows are not maintained. Regular cleaning is important because glass is a porous surface that can develop cracks and areas that cannot be changed if dirt, juice, and dust penetrate. 

A dirty and broken window is a big red flag for your home guests and is immediately a problem as people think of the threat of having to replace the window, which if you don’t know, is not cheap. You might think, “I don’t know how to clean windows.” That is why it’s important to, hire someone! Cleaning your own windows is a very time-consuming, difficult, and dangerous task. When you hire a local team of trained, insured professionals, you will have time to focus on the rest of your to-do list. You are in and out in a few hours and it’s more accessible than you think. 

Pressure Washing Can Make a Big Difference

The condition of the walls, terraces, patios, and driveways of your home are examined during the open house day. Dirty, grimy, cracked, and moldy houses will have a very tough time making a sale. Like window cleaning, regular high-pressure washing ensures that the vinyl, wood, concrete and brick surfaces in your home not only look good but also function perfectly. Leaving dirt, oil, and dust on these surfaces for years can cause permanent damage that will be noticed by potential buyers. You might want to rent a pressure washer to take care of it yourself. “Why hire a professional?” You might ask. This year, many interested people build houses and decks with rental equipment to save money. The truth is though it is better to stick to your area of knowledge and leave this type of work to professionals.

Professional pressure washers are fully trained and equipped with the appropriate machines needed for every job and every place. Excessive pressure or the wrong tools can cause damage, and too little pressure just makes everything wet, increasing the difficulty to remove stains and dirt. If you hire a specialist for high-pressure cleaners, safe and thorough cleaning is guaranteed at all times.


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If you’re trying to boost the curb appeal of your home, then the first thing you should do is reach out to a team of experienced cleaning professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed to turn your home into a place that will excite potential buyers right from the start. With years of experience working with clients throughout the DFW Metroplex, we’re always ready to tackle any project! Be sure to contact us today to find out more about our services, or to schedule an appointment.

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