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How to Clean Your Home Fast Before Holiday Guests Arrive

The holidays are just around the corner, and so are your friends and loved ones! You’d love to welcome them to a perfectly clean home that practically sparkles, but your busy lifestyle has made that impossible. Now you’re counting the days and hours until your guests arrive. Never fear; Texas Best Window Cleaning is here with a quick-and-dirty guide to speed-cleaning for the holidays!

The first step is to take a good look at your holiday hosting plans. Will your guests be staying for dinner and game night before returning to their homes, or will you be providing lodgings for the night – or many nights? This will tell you which rooms you absolutely must clean and which ones you can cut corners on. For now, let’s assume you’re only on the hook for dinner and an evening of socializing. Here is some advice for making the most of your limited tidying-up time.

Look Inviting

The first thing your guests will see upon arrival is your front door and entryway. Dress it up with decorations that will draw their eyes away from an unraked yard or smudges on your windows. A brightly-colored wreath, a hanging doorknob ornament, and a seasonal welcome mat are a good start.

Clear a Path

Walk through your home using the route you expect your guests to take. You’ll need to make sure the floors of your foyer, hallway, living room, and eating area are clear of debris. Do a quick pass with the vacuum or mop using pleasantly-scented floor cleaners.

Pick Your Battles

Identify the rooms where guests are likely to gather – the kitchen or dining room for dinner, the game room or living room for socializing, and the guest bathroom. All the other rooms can wait. Pick up any clothing or items laying around. Wipe down all surfaces with a disinfecting cleaner. Use a lint roller to get pet hair off of chairs and couches and fluff up your decorative pillows.

Freshen the Bathroom

If you have more than one bathroom, focus on the one most likely to be used by the largest number of guests. Close the shower curtain, give the toilet a good scrubbing, and get the countertop and sink as clear and clean as possible. Use an air deodorizer and leave it out so it’s available to guests who might need it. Make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper.

The Finishing Touches

Before your guests arrive, open your windows to let in some fresh air and let out any overpowering odors from cleaning supplies. Bring out your prettiest seasonal décor and light some holiday candles. Now you’re ready for a night of entertaining!

Hire a Professional

If you’d rather have a pristine home with every room cleaned in its entirety, call Texas Best Window Cleaning. Our professional cleaners do more than shine your windows. We also provide housecleaning services for one-time occasions or as part of a regular cleaning schedule. When you’re busy preparing for the holidays, let us clean your home so you can worry about more important things, like whether you turned the oven on when you put in the turkey!

Texas Best: Your Best Source for Residential Cleaning Services

At Texas Best, we clean your home from top to bottom, paying attention to every little detail. Our staff uses non-toxic cleaning products to keep your family and pets safe from harm. When we’re finished, you will have a clean, sanitized, fresh-smelling home to relax and entertain in. We guarantee you’ll love the results, or we’ll come back and make it right without any additional cost to you. Call us today for a free quote!

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