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Separating Window Cleaning Truths from Myths

As long there are windows in the world, there will be windows that need to be cleaned. Finding the best way to clean each window is an ongoing question for many people. There are many myths about cleaning windows and some are based on facts that were true at one time. Times change though, and products and materials change, and what used to work best no longer works or can even be a problem in some cases. On the other hand, some of these myths are actually true. At Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX our team of professional window cleaners knows all the best tricks and techniques for cleaning various surfaces.

If you’re thinking about cleaning windows at your home or business, or if you’re not sure whether or not a certain method or technique is the right choice for your situation, it’s always a good idea to make sure before going ahead. As a leading provider of professional cleaning services in the DFW Metroplex, we decided to take some time to go over various cleaning methods, and which ones are true (or false).

window cleaning dfw

Using Newspaper Isn’t a Good Choice

While this was a good solution a few decades ago, these days a newspaper isn’t always a good choice for cleaning windows. Newspapers were thicker at the time and were often used to clean windows at home. Nowadays printers are looking for new ways to save money, and in most cases, newspapers are much thinner. This means that newspapers are much easier to tear and break than past papers. Also, the ink used in newspapers can blacken the window coverings. In today’s world, microfiber cloths can polish windows better. Certain types of leather are also ideal for polishing windows.

Dirty Windows ARE Noticeable

Some people dismiss the need to clean windows while believing that a dirty window has little to no impact. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even windows that are not touched by people or pets get dirty every day. At first, window dirt and dust buildup can be extremely thin, and no one seems to notice it, but when the light hits the window at a certain angle, it is there. When these dark windows are cleaned, you will be amazed by the difference in lighting and visual quality that can be achieved.

Windows Need More Than Spot Cleaning

While it may be easy to see a small mark on a window and think that it can be cleaned on the spot with little to no effort, that approach will not always work. Instead, your best option is to wait and have your entire window surface cleaned at once to make sure that spot cleaning in one place, doesn’t make the rest of your window look dirty by comparison. Cutting corners is never the best choice, and sooner or later, cleaning windows the right way is the best way to be sure everything is taken care of.

Cleaning Windows in Sunshine Could be a Problem

While you may be quick to disagree, the reality is that sunshine can harm windows during the cleaning process. If you’ve ever attempted to clean windows in the middle of the day, then you’re likely familiar with the streaks and stripes that have been left behind. In addition to the heat, there’s also a good chance that extra effort was put into trying to get rid of those marks. This happens because liquid evaporates quickly on a heated window pane.

It’s Not Always Cheaper to Do it Yourself

Many people may hesitate when thinking about working with a team of experienced professionals because of the cost. At the same time, the fee charged by a trained cleaning service can be converted to the time and energy that you would spend on doing the job yourself. Sometimes, it can be very beneficial to just have everything taken care of by a team that knows the best techniques and methods for the work, so you can spend your time focused on more important concerns.

Trust Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX 

If you’re struggling with finding the right methods or materials to clean your windows, then it is a great time to think about reaching out to a team of highly qualified professionals to handle the job for you. At Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX we know all the best methods and techniques for cleaning windows and other surfaces, so don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can get started on your needs.


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