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Save Your Business Money with Regular Window Cleaning

Caring for and maintaining the exterior of a business building is very important for the overall welfare of the company. The presentation of the company’s facility has the potential to create a powerful first impression that your customers, guests, and even future new employees are going to see. A clean window makes an incredible difference in the way your building will look and makes a lasting impression. Having your windows cleaned by a team of experienced professionals also has the potential to save money in the long run. At Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service when it comes to making your commercial facility shine.

Making sure your commercial facility is taken care of can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your business, but it can also help your organization save money in several different ways over time. To help businesses and property owners have a better understanding of how their windows can affect their costs, we decided to spend a little time going over the topic in more detail.

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Ignoring Window Problems Can Cause Long-term Damage

While many business and property owners may not realize this, water can be one of the most dangerous forces when it comes to the durability and integrity of commercial windows. Hard water, water with a lot of minerals, is widespread in cities and industrial areas and can damage any type of glass window. Hard water usually contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which can affect the glass over time.

For example, minerals in hard water can bond with the glass and leave ugly stains. If ignored though, the mineral will scratch the glass. Permanently etched glass has decreased strength, which can cause cracks and the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

Other window-related problems often cause long-term damage and high operating costs for your facility. Water leakage and improperly maintained flashing on your windows can cause water damage, corrosion, rot, and mold within your building. These problems can be expensive to repair. Replacing a single-window pane costs an average of almost $300, according to industry experts. Specialized windows that are tempered, impact-resistant or feature other special properties used in commercial buildings can be much more expensive to replace.

Reduce Water Damage from Sprinklers and Irrigation

One of the biggest reasons why your windows can develop water stains and hard water buildup is your sprinkler systems. While the sprinklers are a great way to make sure that your facility has a beautiful, lush landscape, an improperly calibrated system could spray water onto your windows regularly. Over time, repeated exposure to water can cause damage, but there are a few ways to reduce this damage. By taking the time to calibrate and redirect your sprinkler system, the heads can be aligned in a way that will keep them from leaving water on your windows. Another option is to run the sprinklers only on calm, windless days to minimize overspray. Finally, installing a non-spray system is also a great way to eliminate sprinkler concerns.

Increase Your Window Cleaning Schedule

Having your windows cleaned professionally is the best way to make sure that your facility stays in good condition while maintaining the high-quality professional appearance that you and everyone who sees your building deserve. Because natural weather is unpredictable, rain can happen at any time, and the best way to make sure that frequent storms don’t cause damage to your windows over time is to have the surfaces cleaned regularly. 

Trust Texas Best Windows in Grand Prairie, TX

At Texas Best Window Cleaning, our team has spent more than 15 years working with residents and business owners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area to give them the high-quality cleaning services they need to keep their property looking as good as possible. If you’ve got dirty windows, or you need to have your building inspected by a talented cleaning service to establish a regular cleaning schedule, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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