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Separating Window Cleaning Truths from Myths

As long there are windows in the world, there will be windows that need to be cleaned. Finding the best way to clean each window is an ongoing question for many people. There are many myths about cleaning windows and some are based on facts that were true at one time. Times change though, and products and materials change, and what used to work best no longer works or can even be a problem in some cases. On the other hand, some of these myths are actually true. At Texas Best Window Cleaning in Grand Prairie, TX our team of professional window cleaners knows all the best tricks and techniques for cleaning various surfaces.

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How Clean Windows Can Boost Energy Efficiency

With spring right around the corner, the time for cleaning your home from top to bottom is not far away. While most people take this time to focus on cleaning the interior of their home, it can be important to remember how big of an impact the exterior areas of your home, including the windows, can have on curb appeal and energy efficiency. From a visual standpoint, having freshly cleaned, well-cared-for windows and a power washed exterior can have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal. The benefits of clean windows don’t end there though.

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How to Clean Your Home Fast Before Holiday Guests Arrive

The holidays are just around the corner, and so are your friends and loved ones! You’d love to welcome them to a perfectly clean home that practically sparkles, but your busy lifestyle has made that impossible. Now you’re counting the days and hours until your guests arrive. Never fear; Texas Best Window Cleaning is here with a quick-and-dirty guide to speed-cleaning for the holidays!

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